Washingborough Parish Council has thirteen volunteer and unpaid members who serve for a period of four years.  Until 1979 the council was elected every three years and until 1976 there were only eleven members.  Two more seats were allocated to provide for the increase in the village population.  The polling station, for elections is the Community Centre.

Over recent years there have been changes in the representation of wards for North Kesteven District Council and Lincolnshire County Council.  In May 1999 the District Council merged the Wards of Washingborough, Canwick and Heighington and these now have three representatives for this ward.   The County Council altered its wards in May 2017 created the Bracebridge Heath, Washingborough, and Canwick ward.  

Any registered elector of the village can be nominated to stand as a Parish or District Councillor.  A nominee must:

  • be over 18 years of age (18 is the voting age);
  • be a British subject;
  • have lived in the village, or within 3 miles of it, for at least 12 months prior to election;
  • have worked, occupied as owner or tenant any land or business premises within the village for least 12 months prior to election;
  • NOT be registered bankrupt or have been convicted and received a prison sentence (or suspended sentence) of three months or more in the previous five years before the election.

The elected members must meet within 14 days of an election, sign Declaration of Office forms and elect a Chairman.  A Vice Chairman may also be elected.  The Parish Council meets monthly, usually on the 3rd Thursday unless it falls on a Bank Holiday.  Washingbrough Parish Council has 1 defined committee (Finance & General Purposes) and may create other committees or a working party from time to time for special purposes.